Sowing, growing & nurturing


My name is Kim and I am the flower lover who sows, nurtures and arranges all the beautiful blooms at Pig Pen Flowers. I describe myself as an artisan flower grower and florist as I have no formal training in either field and am very much self-taught but I like to think I have finally found my calling in life and take the view that I’m quite good at it!


My husband Mark and I moved to our piece of the countryside in 2007 with our then two-year-old daughter, Jasmine. We set about turning an acre of the field we live on into a garden. It’s been a slow, organic (a little bit each year) transformation with Mark providing most of the design ideas which we’ve implemented together through the years.  Many trees, shrubs and flowering plants have found a place in our garden with lots of learning curves for me along the way.

I’ve also established and nurtured a successful vegetable patch for 11 years. Making the vegetable garden was the very first thing I insisted we did after we moved in. I can still remember our excitement when we dug up our very first crop of homegrown potatoes and boiled them  to eat straight away.  So much joy to be had from growing vegetables to feed family and friends through the summer months.  One of my best birthday presents was the 6 x 8’ greenhouse Mark bought me in 2009 when it became evident that our kitchen would vanish under a rash of seed trays each spring. 

I love growing plants from seed and my seed sowing obsession was out-growing our garden space, so the idea of a medium-size cutting patch came about in 2014. We already had a fertile and fenced piece of ground thanks to two pigs we had recently sent to market. Pig Pen flowers was born in the spring of 2015 and we set about creating the first borders, just three 15m x 1m each and all the flowers I grew that year were gifted to friends and family and I spent many happy hours playing amongst the flowers with my camera. I won’t mention how many hours were spent weeding!

2016 and 2017 saw more borders introduced and a wider variety of flowers grown. It was also during these two years that I actually sold bouquets of flowers, provided table arrangements for private parties and supplied and designed wedding party flowers. 

There is a big move towards sustainable, locally grown blooms in many parts of the world, including here in the UK and Pig Pen Flowers is proud to be a part of that movement. For me, every year  so far has been a year of development and growth for the cutting patch; and I am sure that this one, and each year to come, will be no different.